Explore mini dental implants
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One of the things that makes us different than most dental implant and sedation practices, is that Blake M. Vincent, DDS offers an alternative to traditional implant designs: the mini implant.

Mini implants are shorter and narrower than conventional implants, taking up far less space in the mouth and requiring less bone support.

Mini implants are ideal for fast tooth replacement and cosmetic purposes. They can even be used to help stabilize a removable denture!

Not a Candidate for Traditional Implants? Explore Minis!

Mini dental implants are perfect for people who may not have enough room in their mouth to place a traditionally sized implant. When a tooth has been missing for a long time, the bone in that area can shrink and the adjacent teeth may start to drift inward. This process creates less support and room for a full-sized implant, but a miniature version may fit just fine.

Because mini implants are less than half of the size of a conventional design, they’re ideal for tight spaces or for areas where there is less bone. If you’ve been turned away by another implant dentist, we invite you to visit with us to find out if mini dental implants are a viable alternative.

Denture Stabilization

An overdenture is a removable denture that clips onto strategically placed implants to help keep it secure throughout the day. This process eliminates the risk of rocking or slipping, and prevents the need to use adhesive to keep your prosthesis in place.

Athens Mini Implant, Sedation, and Family Dentistry

Dr. Vincent offers comprehensive smile rehabilitation right here in our Athens, TX practice so that your entire family can get great care in one convenient location. We invite you to call us today to schedule your next appointment!