in Athens, TX

If you've ever been told that you needed endodontic therapy, you may have felt slightly hesitant about scheduling the procedure. But the great news is that root canals in Athens, TX are gentle, efficient, and boost your overall oral health.

Endodontic therapy is often recommended because of trauma or infection that's affected the nerve inside of a tooth.

Endodontic Therapy Athens, TX

A root canal dentist in Athens, TX provides people that have severe dental problems the professional help they need to regain good oral health. A root canal in Athens, Texas is a common dental procedure performed by Dr. Vincent, when a tooth is in need of repair to help save the tooth. Since many people do not want to lose their permanent teeth to an unnecessary tooth extraction, they will schedule an appointment with a dentist in who performs root canals in Athens. Once the Athens area dentist, Dr. Vincent, has an opportunity to talk to the patient about the root canal procedure that they will be receiving, the individual can make sure that they are prepared in advance.

One of the advantages of an individual getting a root canal in Athens, TX is the person can save their permanent teeth. Dr. Vincent is saving the tooth instead of extracting it and saving the patient from needing an extraction. Many times people may avoid other more in-depth dental procedures because they do not like to be inconvenienced with removing their dentures or cleaning the dentures on a regular basis. Instead, the individuals would prefer cleaning their permanent teeth. Having a root canal in the Athens area helps the patient keep their natural teeth. Often times, they will need a cap or crown but they will still be their real teeth underneath.

The root canal procedure in Athens, TX is the most common dental procedure. The simplicity of the procedure is appealing to patients who are in a great deal of pain but want to try and save their natural teeth. A root canal is necessary when the nerve of the tooth becomes infected or the pulp inside the tooth becomes damaged. A root canal performed by Dr. Vincent removes the nerves inside tooth but the structure of the tooth stays intact. This allows for the patient to keep their natural tooth, with the help of a crown. The alternative to a root canal is to have the tooth or teeth extracted and have either a dental implant placed or have a bridge. Both of these options are extensive procedures, more so than a root canal.

A root canal treatment is normally used when people are avoiding a tooth extraction. Though there are different dental procedures that can be used to replace permanent teeth (i.e. dentures, partials implants), most people prefer keeping their permanent teeth whenever it is possible. Contact us today if you no longer want to live with severe dental pain. In one visit, Dr. Vincent can give you the options to get rid of the pain once and for all.